Tap Water Contamination: Contamination at the source

Tap water contamination: In this day in age the majority of people take their water source for granted. However, there are countless issues in Australia and developed countries such as America that have major problems with their water to the point it has become undrinkable. The drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable water supply disasters to face a large population in recent times. Lead from ageing pipes leached into the water and exposed over 100,000 residents to elevated levels poisoning effects of the heavy metal. The incident in Flint, Michigan is an example of how easily a catastrophe can occur in water supplies in one of the world’s most progressive countries.

Bacterial contamination threatens public and private water supplies. It can happen at the source, during water treatment or in the piping systems that delivers water to customers. Currently, if a water supplier identifies a major bacteria or virus in water tests, the residents being supplied the water are notified of the issue and are usually informed to boil their water. “Boil water alerts” around our country occur frequently; however it’s actually unsafe to boil water with the added chemicals in our drinking water such as chlorine, fluoride and aluminium. It is also too little too late to warn Australians; by the time the notice has been received, the problem would have been present in the water supply before it was tested and used by residents. This is why proper precaution and proactiveness towards your water supply through the use of water filtration is an absolute necessity.

Education regarding what we are really consuming when drinking tap water should be a top priority for anyone that cares about their health. Up to 50 chemicals are added to Australia’s water supplies such as chlorine, fluoride and aluminium. The misinformation regarding certain substances added to our drinking water such as fluoride and chlorine is just an example of toxic and poisonous chemicals ingested just by drinking tap water in Australia. There is no real “safe” level of these added chemicals, not to mention the constant consumption of tap water with these chemicals alone can have increased harmful health effects on our body. The most efficient and effective method of removing chemicals as small as fluoride is through reverse osmosis. Our Tankless Reverse Osmosis Systems have revolutionized the industry as they take up minimal space compared to every other reverse osmosis system which requires a storage tank to hold the purified water.

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