The Ultimate Home Water System

In order to ensure the best quality water for you and your family we must eliminate the impurities and contaminants the best way we can.
The 3 steps below will highlight how to obtain the ultimate home water system which will provide you with the safest and most beneficial water supply throughout your property.

Step 1

Filter water from every outlet

Whole House/ Rainwater Tank Filter System

The first step is to filter all water outlets in the property from chlorine, bacteria, microorganisms, organic chemicals, suspended particles, sludge, dirt, rust, bad taste, odour and sediment. Our whole house and rainwater filters are the perfect way of ensuring that the water entering the property is already filtered and safe to wash and shower in.

Whole house water filter - 3 stage

Step 2

Purify your drinking water

Reverse Osmosis Filter System

The next step is to purify the water so that it is safe to drink; free from all contaminants. In order to achieve purified water a Reverse Osmosis filtering system must be installed. Reverse Osmosis is the only method of purifying water to 0.0001 Micron. Our RO systems are the most effective method of purifying water; with the ability to remove over 2000+ contaminants.

Tankless Reverse Osmosis Filter System - AWF500 1

Step 3

Make hydrogen rich water

Hydrogen Water Ionizer

The final step in obtaining the ultimate home water system is to utilize the incredible benefits obtained from hydrogen rich water. There are hundreds of case studies regarding hydrogen rich water which have indicated the extensive range of benefits. We utilize the latest technology in order to develop and produce the best hydrogen ionizers available on the market.

Hydrogen Water Bottle